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Do you receive dividends?

How will the new dividend allowance work? Starting April 2018, there will be a new way in which dividend allowance will work. Shareholders currently are allowed to withdraw up to £5000 of dividends without it being taxed. Come April 2018 this will be cut from £5000 to £2000. This news has left a lot of … Continue reading Do you receive dividends?

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We are pleased to see that the FCA has published a warning to investors thinking of investing in Bitcoin, a type of Cryptocurrency which has become more popular with investors. Cryptocurrencies are digital tokens. These may represent a share in a firm, a prepayment voucher for future services or it may have no value at … Continue reading Bitcoin

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Lifetime Allowance

Lifetime Allowance is a limit on the amount of pension that can be drawn from pension schemes throughout your lifetime. This Lifetime allowance was introduced in 2006 at £1.5million and was increased each year to 2010 when it reached a level of £1.8 million. Since then a number of changes to the legislation have reduced … Continue reading Lifetime Allowance

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