Investment in Cash

29th May 2018


We were introduced to Mark (aged 54) & Mary (52). A successful couple who had accumulated an amount of wealth mainly in Cash deposits

Client Concerns & Immediate Issues

  • They were becoming frustrated with the amount of paperwork they were receiving and juggling cash investments to find the best rate.
  • They had no idea of what rate of return was needed for them to achieve their objective of having the choice of retiring at Mark expectation of age 60
  • How much was enough to retire on

Our Initial Recommendations & Action

  • Carried out a review of their existing investments
  • Assisted in defining their future ‘lifestyle’ & quantifying that on an annual income basis
  • Risk Profile completed to be able to discuss the investment volatility they were prepared to accept
  • Taking into account the above results we set objectives for their portfolio that were appropriate for their appetite for risk and their time horizon.
  • We consolidated and simplified some their assets

The Results so far

  • Simplify – one point of reference for their investments
  • Security – knowledge their portfolio is being invested & monitored regularly with the aim of having the choice to retire at 60.


Please Note: This document is provided as a working example and for information purposes only this should not be taken as financial or investment advice.